Make Jiofi video calls or Jiofi voice calls using Jio 4G Voice app

Calling process on Jiofi video calls or Jiofi voice calls using Jio 4G Voice mobile app….
Diversified in nature Jiofi personal hotspot devices is formulated and launched by the famous Reliance Jio company in India. The gadget comes with variety of goodies thus attracting users to the company. Working both indoors and outdoors Jiofi router has strong connectivity range and well modified to fit in the pocket. This makes portability easier as one doesn’t require any wiring.

Jiofi router is set to connect for longer hours as the battery life is guaranteed. The lights are well set for one to note which button to press. The device settings are simple and one can configure any information to suit their needs. This makes the device favourable to users.

jiofi video calls
Jiofi video calls

Process of downloading and configuring the Jio4Gvoice

Before making any calls one needs to download and install the app from their smart device as follows:

  • Using your smartphone download the Jio4Gvioce app from google play store.  Install the app this being the first step to have HD voice calls and videos.
  • Open the app and follow the instructions given. First your required to enter the Jio sim card on your smartphone or to the Jiofi device.
  • Click on the Jiofi tab after this go to the phone settings menu.
  • Power on the Jiofi device, note the Jio sim call should be inserted. Now you can connect the device with the smartphone through WI-FI. Enter the username and password of the Jiofi device.

Process of making jiofi video calls HD from Jiofi device

activation process pens up other chances where one can now make calls.

  • Using WI-FI hotspot you’re to connect the smartphone to the Jiofi router.
  • Go to the dialer tab of your phone and enter the phone number of the person you need to call.
  • After checking on the number or even selecting it from the saved contact. Click on the call button, the jio4Gvioce system will work automatically.
  • On the screen three buttons will show, two green buttons are for the Jiofi video calls and voice calls while the grey button is for the smartphone calls.
  • The process is simple as that and the best part is the calls are free for all users.

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