Jiofi router Configuration in jiofi.local.html url [config process]

Configuration Setup or Config process on Jiofi router by logging into the jiofi.local.html or website….
Reliance Jio stirring the telecom service world in India, other telecommunication companies are feeling the heat. An exodus from the companies as users are flocking at the Reliance Jio affordable services. This has really boosted the company thus ranking among the best companies in the country.

They have cheap and fast broadband plans which have bonus and extended time frame. This being a tip of the iceberg Jio has come up with different products like Television, Jio mobile phones and routers. Today taking the Jiofi router.

This being a gift offer to the esteem users, Jiofi router was a prior announcement from the company at the festive season. Its affordable as it goes for Rs.999/- though the actual price is Rs.1999/-. Best qualities of being a portable hotspot device and easy to use gaining it more popularity. The device can connect the hotspot to 10 devices and offers 4G WI-FI.

jiofi router configuration
Jiofi router Setup

How to setup and configure the Jiofi router WI-FI device?

The device comes with different goodies from Jio 4G unlimited calls and high speed topping up with long life battery. However, the device has to be configured in order to operate effectively.

  • First before configuration instigates one has to activate the Jio sim card.
  • Open the device removing the battery, here a slot for the sim card set. Insert the card then battery.
  • Now you can switch on the device and connect to the preferred device.

Web configuration

  • Using your PC device go to the web browser and type: http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm
  • On the homepage different options are displayed as follows: LTE, Connected band LTE, The number of connected users, Minimum and maximum speed and Jiofi Battery status.
  • Now key in the Jiofi admin panel where the username is administrator and the password is administrator.
  • With this device is ready for WI-FI hot spotting.

This are the simple steps of activating the sim card and also configuring the device. one can make other changes where they can add up the speeds or change the SSID, activate the voice call and video calls.

How to activate voice and data services using the Jiofi 4G sim

The activation process is simple as one needs to call the reliance Jio company for assistance. The hotlines are generated and also found on the sim card package. Use the few steps below for easier activation:

Voice for the Jiofi sim card

  • First call the number 1977.
  • This happens when you connect the Jiofi device to the Jio join app.
  • On the screen you have the choice of languages pick on what suits you best.
  • Now enter the Jio number.
  • Key in the last 4 digits’ numbers of your ID in order to activate the voice service.

Data activation for the Jiofi 4G sim card

  • Using your mobile device and registered mobile number.
  • Dial the number 1800-890-1977.
  • An option will appear here select the language followed by the Jio number.
  • Key in the last digits of the Jio ID proof and with this the data activation is done.

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