Jio international roaming tariff and List of various plans

Reliance Jio international roaming tariff pack and List of various plans….
Reliance Jio now goes international, I bet this should make the headlines as this is amazing. Who would think a startup can grow within short duration? Floating? Reliance Jio is among India’s largest and popular Telecom companies. Best and unique is this way, the company offers affordable and quality product and services. It has gain numbers thus ensuring good progress and new gadgets are introduced now and then.

The Reliance brand is widely spread to over 170 countries in the world. This beats a lot of telecom companies who have been there for some time. In the year 2018 the company established and officiated international services. The plans are well adopted by the citizens especially those living in foreign countries. They can enjoy Jio international roaming packs. New services like the pay-as-you-go are among the said plans.

Jio international roaming tariff

Here we have different plans which suit each Jio users.

jio international roaming
Jio International Roaming Tariff
  • RS 575 international roaming pack

The offer is the cheapest among all the given plans. formulated to cater for the average users who need to communicate with followers back in the country or other international countries. Offering 100 minutes for the outgoing calls to India and other local networks.

The offer covers one day and unlimited calls for the international calls. The best part is one gets 100 SMS and 250 MB of fast and high speed data. The offer allows one to go beyond the FUP though at lower speed of 64Kbps.

  • RS 2,875 Jio International roaming pack

With a longer validity period the plan of 7 days the plan offers unlimited calls and data internationally. The users enjoy 100 minutes of outgoing calls within India and local networks. Works best with the 4G network and is not limited even after exceeding the FUP. The speeds will go down to 64kbps after the extension. 250MB also happens to be an offer in this plan.

  • RS 5,751 Jio international roaming pack

Expensive as it sounds and looks, the plan has a longer validity and offers quality services. Be sure to work for 30 days with 1,500 minutes of the outgoing calls. The plan has free services as well as one gets free incoming calls. Other privilege like 1,500 SMS which flow for one month. The offer continues to serve best purpose even after depleting the FUP limit but a low speed.

A surety of 5GB speed of the 4G network. The service covers a lot and helps clients communicate no matter the country. This being advantage to many families and organization who live and work away from India.

  • RS 1.101 Jio international roaming pack

Serving 170 countries, the plan stands out and gives different features Like outgoing international calls. RS 1,211 is the price given to the calls where RS 100 is charged. RS 2 is offered per minute, for all local and incoming calls. All this plans cater for international markets giving best quality services and voice calls. Users are to consider what works best for the them.

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